Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hide & Seek


Living in this complicated world,
Teach me each time to see,
Beyond the current point,
Bla... bla..bla.. -.- 
What the hell I'm talking about? --'

Hahah... seems like I've started to mumbling to myself.. sorry :(

Ok, lets just straight to the point.
 just wondering why some people they used to hide something that they suppose to share with others --'

Especially, to all kids now a days, they used to hide all their post / pictures from their parent / family.. for what ?? So that your parent will thought & always think good about you ? 

It does'nt mean that you have to pretend good all the time, but rather than to hide everything from your parent, it will cost you in trouble. 

It was their responsibilities to take care of us & control us from keep on doing mistake. But, if we continue to hide everything from them, I'm sure they could not understand our real situation. 

So, dear, please share your moment with your lovely parent & always priotize them than others ^^


  1. betul tu. kena la bagi priority kat ibu bapa kita terlebih dahulu.

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    1. ntahlah, remaja zaman skung ni pelik 0_0.

      hehehe.. trima kasih.. singgah kembali :)