My Superb Backbone!

   Sorry, I'm not good in words. It just me!

                       My Dad - Arifin

 -Firstly, thanks pa sebab dh jaga kakak dengan baik slama ni. Doakan kakak selalu supaya tak sombong dan lupa diri bila akak dh berjaya. amin.. thanks sebab dh jadi ayah yg baik selama ni. hehe.

            My Mom - Lina

-Hye ma. hehe. Just want you to know that I'm really really loves you.
Sorry for all the wrong things that I've done.
Sorry for make you crying.
Sorry because I can't say this word to you. I'm just shy. hehe.
Thank you for taking good care of me.
Thank you for being my SUPERB mom.
Love you everyday :)

                 My brother - Farouk

-Hye bro. Thanks for being such a 'good' brother for me.
Soryy, I don't have a special words for you. haha!
Wish you happy everyday! :)

        My Third Brother - Hafiz

-Stop being a playboy bro. 
you never know when you will get hurt.
don't you ever think that all girl will fall in love with you bro.
Love is precious, so, enjoy it! >.<
Miss your stupid jokes bro. :)

     My Sis - Natasha

-She is loves to take picture.
She is sweet but fierce. hehe. 
              My Lil Sweet Sister - Arysha

-Sorry, I've lost my magic words. hehe. 
Nothing to say, I just hoping you can be a good sister.
Sorry, you have to listening to my 'bebelan'. hehe. >.<

         My Lovely Brother - Danial

-Very jealousy person but charming. hehe.
Just want you to know that I'm really loved you even you have no teeth. hehe.